Our Staff

We pride ourselves on the experience-based knowledge our staff can provide. By hiring former teachers, professional musicians, and skilled repair techs, we are able to provide a wide range of expertise to our customers. Collectively, we have 300+ years of teaching experience, 55+ years of repair experience, and 185+ years of performance experience. These highly qualified and talented individuals are the strength of Hurst Music because they can advise and service customers based on real life knowledge, experience, and skills. 

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Dwana Stevens
Karen Gleason
Repair Shop Manager
David Hummel
School Service Representative
David Hall
School Service Representative
Carroll Hall
School Service Representative
Kevin Dennison
String Repair Technician
Phil Grigson
Percussion Specialist
Andrew Grigson
 Sales Associate
Alex Alrdridge
 Repair Technician
Rodney Riggs
 Repair Technician
Tanya Bromley
Brasswind Specialist
Shelia O'Nan
Woodwind Specialist
Nat Carter
Trombone Specialist
Kathryn Drydyk
String Specialist
Kevin Hook
Sales Associate

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