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Sanitizing Products




Hurst has always taken great pride in the thorough job our staff does in cleaning and sanitizing our instruments for redistribution, however, given the safety concerns COVID-19 has posed, we wanted you to know specifically was is done to clean our rental instruments:

  • Each brass instrument has been cleaned with an acid-based wash and then wiped down with alcohol.

  • Each woodwind instrument has been wiped down with Sterisol and/or alcohol, inside and out.

  • Percussion equipment (bells, drums, sticks, mallets, hardware, and cases) have all been cleaned with alcohol.

  • String instruments (fingerboards, tuning pegs, and strings) and bows (sticks and frogs) have been wiped down with alcohol. The bodies are cleaned with wood polish, as alcohol will damage the finish.

  • All mouthpieces have been scrubbed out, disinfected, and are now sealed in plastic for redistribution.

Here are some additional ways that our staff have been working hard every day to ensure every customer's safety, as well as our own:

  • We practice social distancing between staff as best as we can here in the store.

  • We are still offering curb-side service to any customer who requests it. 

  • We have hand sanitizer stations throughout the store for staff and customers to use regularly.

  • We have put up plexiglass partitions at the front desk, and we have also constructed extra partitions to take with us to rental nights in the schools. 

  • We have also been letting most of our repairs wait additional time, to be sure that germs and any trace of the virus are long gone before we work on the instrument. This helps us stay safe, as well cuts down the risk of inadvertent spreading of the virus. 

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