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Extended Service Plan


· ESP is the smart, affordable way to keep your band or orchestra instrument in top playing condition all year long.


·  ESP covers your band or orchestra instrument regardless of where you purchased it.


· ESP covers cleaning, adjustments, and all repair work needed for maintaining the best possible playing condition of the instrument.



Did you drop your horn down the bleachers at the basketball game? Is your instrument getting dirty? Do you have a big concert or audition coming up and you want to be sure your instrument is in perfect playing condition? Did your horn get whacked by a stray flag during the half-time show? Sticky valves? Leaky pads? 

Bring it in! That's all covered by E.S.P.!

                             STUDENT                                STEP-UP / PRO

FLUTE                      $60                                                  $95

PICCOLO                 $60                                                  $95

CLARINET               $60                                                   $95


BASS CLARINET    $60                                                   $95

OBOE                       $60                                                   $95

BASSOON               >>>                                                  $120

SOPRANO SAX      >>>                                                  $120


TENOR SAX           $90                                                   $120

FRENCH HORN     $60                                                    $95

TRUMPET              $60                                                    $95

TROMBONE           $60                                                    $95


TROMBONE           >>>                                                   $95

BARITONE             $60                                                    $95



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